I'm trying to get a wider margin for medium or wider screens, but a narrower margin for small screens.

<div class="mx-sm-1 mx-md-5">content</div>

It works for medium or wider screens. But small screens get a zero margin with this. What am I doing wrong?


Here is a JSFiddle. 575px width or below has zero margin.

  • It's working for me. Could you create a jsfiddle so that we will all see your problem? – David Liang Sep 17 at 0:31
  • Have you tried using mx-1 class? – juzraai Sep 17 at 13:11

Margins of size extra small (which is what I assume you are going for) don't need the middle notation. mx-1 should work instead.

<div class="mx-1 mx-md-5">content</div>

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